The Calling of God

My Small Testimony


The Beginning

My relocation to the United States of America, 
is a part of a plan, 
that God made for my life a long time ago. 
It started in Thessaloniki in Greece with a personal call from the Lord, 
when I was a young teenager. 
He introduced Himself to me in an open vision showing me 
the wounds in His hands. 
He told me that this was because of His love for all the sinners. 
The Lord asked me if I wanted to follow Him, to be where He is as His servant and to preach His Word with an Apostolic Call. 


The Preparation

The Lord asked me if I wanted to follow Him, to be where He is as His servant and to preach His Word 
with an Apostolic Call. 
He gave me time to prepare myself through His Spirit, after being tested with significant challenges and trials of faith. Afterwards He healed me from sicknesses, demonic oppressions and generational curses from which I suffered since I was born. From a young age I was a victim of bullying and rejection because I was a stutterer 
and had speech difficulties.



The Journey

As I was ministering the Gospel to the Nations, He worked in the hearts of great people whom He gave me as partners with bonds of eternal friendship, love and dedication; people that had given themselves to the Lord first and then to the ministry. 
As a team, we are already in the midst of the battle against the powers of darkness and in the Name of Jesus we have amazing results that are available for all those that hunger and thirst for the truth. 


The challenges

At this point I would like to confess that I have made a lot of mistakes, and many times 
I made the wrong choices, 
which resulted in losing many blessings in my life. 
Then I realized, that mistakes are correctable 
and those perfect people do not exist 
on this Earth. 
I do not come from a great family, I didn't have a great education, I did not graduate from a Bible School and my English is not that good. For this reason, if during my spiritual journey I have hurt somebody I humbly ask
from the bottom of my heart to forgive me.


The Heavenly Vision



The Ordination

The Author today, is a American Citizen, born in the biblical city of Thessaloniki in central Macedonia Greece. As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, he received God's instruction in his heart ,"Write about what I have done in your life". He was led to write in 1998 what the Lord said to him: "If you surrender your self wholly to me and become a slave to My love, I will bless you with the blessings that those in My close circle can receive. Abandon every other activity, for I have personally taken your life into My hands. We will do a round trip of the world together."

The Apostolic Call

As an Apostle, the Lord has blessed him with the founding of Christian congregations of born-again believers in many countries. He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ with wonderful results in divine healing and in the area of deliverance. The Lord has been using him to establish and restore many Christian churches and home cell groups. He is preaching Jesus Christ crucified in many nations with wonderful results in divine healing, in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and in the casting out of the powers of darkness.

An International ministry

He ministers diligently to the fallen believers, the ones persecuted and the ones oppressed by the devil and his demons. He believes that God is restoring His church (i.e. His chosen Bride these last days). He is about to reveal her to the world as well as His gifts by using Leaders who will be Christ’s personal choice and will be led by the Holy Spirit.