Every service is filled with praise and worship, teaching from God’s Word, life-changing testimonies and a time of general prayer for healing and deliverance.

We are privileged to witness the power of God move in our midst every service to set people free from demonic bondage.

The place where,


Be encouraged as you read and let your faith rise!


Apostle John.
My son and l were at the Prayer Line last Sunday. My son was delivered and l was prayed for. I was so surprised and very thankful that the Holy Spirit moved your heart to gather donations for us from the congregation. Never before has anybody blessed us and shown love like that before. 
I want to take this opportunity to give glory to the Lord and to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. My son says he feels free and light and believes the Lord has even greater blessings awaiting him. Thank you very much. 

Sonia Atkinson


Good day, Pastor John

I attended the September 8th service, I wanted to let you some of my spiritual experience following that day.
I had been suffering with a very bad pain in my chest, I can only describe it as overwhelming weight pulling down on my heart...sometimes sharp and other times dull and unbearable. I felt it was the result of a demonic attack following 5 years of an incredibly difficult time in my life, where much suffering had taken place. I was left spiritually battered, physically and emotionally sick. But, since you laid hands on me, in the name of Jesus, and prayed for divine touching, I have felt a great heaviness lifted. I feel lighter starting that day, as I believe I am healing from my hurt.

I am looking forward to complete restoration and being the servant God wants me to be. Thank you for having this biblical ministry, for receiving me and praying over me with your team of Christian disciples. Glory be to the name of the Lord for His love, mercy, grace and comfort.

May your ministry be blessed.
Sandra G.


Hello Pastor John,
Praise be to God Most High, for His goodness and mercy towards the children of men. I want to thank you and express my appreciation for the deliverance and healing I received this weekend by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit of God as He used you in this process to do a great work of deliverance.
-I had been seeking my deliverance for many years and had contacted MANY CHURCHES with no success. However, I am so delighted that God used you, Man of God to bring about this divine intervention in Jesus name.
-I know that the demons of "pain and suffering were arrested and sent back where they belong". We give Jehovah God praise in the Mighty name of His beloved son Jesus Christ for bringing this about. I am so glad that God is faithful and true to His word. Where would we be without him? Downtrodden, hard pressed under satan’s feet, all afflicted and tormented, but Praise to the one who has the Higher power, Jesus the Christ the son of the Living God.
I extend a great big thank you to you and your team, in Jesus name.
-I plan on bringing our children soon for their deliverance. Looking forward to seeing a video of my deliverance because I would like to share it with others so they can also get their breakthrough in Jesus name.
God bless you and reward you richly, Man of God,

Nina and John Samuels
Toronto, Canada


Hello Pastor John,

I hope all is well with you and your ministry. I came with my brother to your Prayer Line because he was suffering demonic attacks on his mind and schizophrenia. It’s been a while since we came to the service but I am happy to testify that he is doing so much better now. He is ready to go back to school and finish his education, and then wants to start a business. I personally just want to thank you for delivering my brother, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I remember you told us that the Holy Spirit will work on his behalf and that we needed to be patient. Your prophecy is being fulfilled as I see progress in my brother’s life that has been gradual, yet significant. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you pastor for your ministry and thank You Jesus for not forgetting about my brother. We look forward to visiting your ministry again in the future.
Michael B. Allison


Dear apostle John,

I received my invitation to come from Scotland to the Prayer Line in New Jersey one month before the service and booked my flight. But the morning before the Prayer Line, when I arrived at the airport in Scotland to check-in, the airline told me they did not recognize my booking. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, although I've seen on YouTube how demons tried to block people in many different ways. I immediately emailed you for prayer concerning my situation, and I knew the Lord heard your prayer because soon after I sent the email, the agent at the airport found my booking. The challenges continued when I arrived at Newark Airport and the Customs agent questioned why I would spend so much money to come from Scotland to New Jersey and only stay less than 48 hours. The agent was surprised when I explained that the benefits of the Prayer meeting I would be attending far outweighed the cost of the trip. My faith was strengthened even more after the Lord gave me another victory, even before I entered the Ramada Plaza Hotel. I knew the time for my deliverance had come.
On the Prayer Line, you prayed for me and I am writing to testify that since then, I have been able to pray again and am feeling so peaceful. I give glory to the Lord for setting me free. I encourage all those feeling led to register for the Prayer Line to not allow any obstacles to hinder you from coming to receive the fullness of your deliverance. If God be for us, who can be against?!

God bless you, apostle John and your whole team,
Elizabeth B. Williams


Apostle John,

I came in the Prayer line because I saw demons in my house and they were bothering me in my private area. Now, I am giving Praise to the Lord, because after praying for me in Jesus name, I am free and rejoicing, dancing and singing all day, and I am also able to pray with the power and authority our Lord Jesus Christ has given to us. I am blessed.
Jocelyn Whitman


Hello Apostle John,

After coming to your Prayer Line in February, I sowed a seed with your ministry for my wife to find a job in a new city for our relocation. I just wanted to let you know that my wife's first day at her new job is today! Thank You, Jesus! I would like to thank you for agreeing with me and praying for us. Every single small detail in the seed was fulfilled by Jesus. And it happened in such an awkward, unique way that my wife KNOWS that it was not her or my doing.
She was so shocked to see how the Lord blessed her in an amazing way. It has strengthened both of our faith.

For all those that will read this, it took 5 months to fulfill and it came at the very last minute she needed it. Jesus knew the best time, not us. What we consider 'last minute' is right on time for Him. All along the way, there were disappointments! The accuser tried nonstop to make me doubt the seed I sowed. I had my low moments but never gave in, always coming back to belief.

I remembered how God counted Abraham's faith as righteousness. I read Romans 4:19-22 so many times whenever I forgot how to exercise faith. I was in the same position that Abraham was in and doing exactly what he did for the solution to come! I truly believed that. I gave glory to God daily for what did not even exist yet. I would tell my wife that she should start packing and not wait until the last minute, even when she hadn’t gotten a job offer yet. And I would tell her that I sowed the seed and it is done, so get ready. Well, we are here now in our new city and she has the best job she could possible ask for. Now we are both blessed and happy in our new city.

Thank you, Apostle John!
F. Severin NY USA


Hello, Pastor John ,

I am so thankful for your ministry and your prayers. I came to your Prayer Line two years ago, needing deliverance and breakthrough in my life. I was almost homeless and penniless at that time. After you prayed for me and I was delivered , you gave me $200. Since that time, blessings began opening up to me. I never forgot what you did for me, and now that I’ve had a good job for a while, I believe it’s time for me to give back the amount you gave me and add to it by blessing your ministry as a Monthly Partner. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for doing the work of the Lord so faithfully and so lovingly.

Florieda Matthews


Hi Brother John,

Recently you prayed with me about a habit I had a hard time with. I've tried very hard this year to quit, but with no success.
I still would smoke from time to time, but I wanted to quit, period.

Jesus delivered me from those evil spirits in one of your meetings . I wanted to quit everything and anything that I shouldn't do so the Holy Spirit would come and refill my life, with the word rising up in my belly like it used to, Living waters bubbling up and flowing, unpolluted by anything.
I praise the Lord that His Grace came to quit, without urge or thought to bother me. I’m free and at rest now, without that war anymore. What a blessing, my body is a living sacrifice, to him I give again...
Now, after my deliverance, I am free to fulfill my desire to be the witness I'm supposed to be.... with the Holy Spirit to empower my witness, with my mind, spirit and body belonging to Him, a vessel willing to serve the living God.

Albert White


Dear Apostle John,

When I came to your Prayer Line I not only received amazing deliverance and freedom in my life, but you also prophesied that my finances would increase and you gave me one dollar as a symbol of blessings to come.
I have been blessed in so many ways since then, but I am writing now to testify of an unexpected way I recently received healing through that dollar you gave me. I had a rash on my left hand for a few months. I went to the Emergency Room and different doctors without any proper diagnosis or cure. Then I remembered the dollar bill that you gave me and put it in my hand and prayed. I felt warm sensations and the rash started clearing up. And I am so happy to say that today its almost totally healed. Thank You Jesus and apostle.

I also have been praying the prayer you told me to pray to maintain my deliverance and anytime the demons try to disturb me, they are silenced. What a joy it has been to walk in this new freedom the Lord has given to me. I will continue to rejoice in my new dawn. Amen.

With gratitude and joy,
Silvia Kuhn


Dear Papa John,

I have been Partnering with your ministry for over 10 years and I want to testify of how the Lord used you and your ministry to lead my 88 years old father to salvation and deliverance, performing one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen.

Last year, my father came from Florida to live with me in New Jersey. His mind was very sharp but the cartilage in both his knees had deteriorated, causing him great pain when he walked or had to stand. After arriving in New Jersey, he told me that he wanted to come with me to the Prayer Line and have you pray for healing in his knees. I had spoken to him many times about you and your Anointed ministry, but I never expected my father, who had been a catholic his whole life, to ever ask to come to your ministry. Praise God, he came and was in awe of the miracles he was witnessing for the first time in his life. You spoke to him with such love and prayed with deep compassion and faith. And even though my father received some healing in his knees, the greatest healing that he needed and received that day was healing deep within his soul from past hurts and fears. He received an amazing deliverance from anxiety and fear, which he had struggled with his whole life.

After the Prayer Line, he began to have more peace, he wasn’t anxious like before, he slept better and was even able to go for short walks almost every day that it wasn’t raining. He even asked to see your videos and rejoiced with those who received their own deliverance and healing. The Lord gave my father and I the most wonderful year together as we enjoyed praying together and speaking about the scriptures.
Then, just before turning 90, his heart began to fail and 24 hours before he took his last breath, he asked me to call all 7 of his grandchildren and a couple of close relatives to say, “Goodbye” and tell them he loved them. The Lord granted him this desire of his heart. After that, he fell into a deep sleep, with his family surrounding him and peacefully passed away. I have great peace in knowing that my father is in Heaven.

I can’t express the incredible joy and thanksgiving I have in my heart for Jesus and also for the way He used your ministry to bless my father with such a spiritually strong final year of his life, the best time of his life. Hallelujah! All glory, honor and praise goes to our great God.

With deep love and respect,


Greetings Apostle John Zavlaris, Hallelujah!!!

From the depths of my heart, I once again express my joy that I met you and know that the Lord Jesus Christ responded to my prayers for help and deliverance from demonic devices and attacks, and granted me healing and blessings!!!

Praise the Lord, after your Powerful Prayers upon me and my case long years struggling, All spirits of rejection, regrets, abandonment and doubts have been recognized and delivered!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost guided me and I Cleaned my home from all icons and books, which I had never read, they was some kind of gifts from friends. They are No more in my home and in my life!!!
I am feeling so happy and blessed, all these burdens and weights disappeared!!!
Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Apostle John!!! Thank you for this abundant love and honor!!! Lord is So Good and Kind and Gentle with me!!! Thank you for His Mercy upon me!!!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, My Heart Rejoices, Rejoices, Rejoice, Lord Jesus Christ Loves Me!!!
My Life belongs to Lord Jesus and to be in service to Him, according to His Will!!!

your sister in Christ


Hello Apostle John Zavlaris,

I came to your Prayer Line over two years ago and was delivered from masturbation, lusting of woman, and fornication before marriage. I wanted to write and testify that even though life will always have its challenges, I am still walking in the blessings of my freedom by guarding my heart and repenting of any seen and unseen sin in my life.
I kept the video you posted of my deliverance and have watched it many times so that this flesh won’t ever forget what my Lord Jesus did for me when He brought me out of darkness and into the light. We have to always put the Word in remembrance.
You and your ministry continue to be a great blessing to me. I watch you all the time on YouTube and am inspired by all the miracles, signs and wonders I see, in addition to all your prayer videos. I also just bought both of your Ebooks on Amazon and I am so excited about reading them.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. And I desire to become a monthly partner with you as you continue to faithfully work to see the people of God set free.

Much love to you Apostle,
Josiah Charles


Hi apostle John Zavlaris,

It was a pleasure meeting you on Sunday's Prayer Line. Just a follow up testimony, after you prayed for me and I received my deliverance, Everything has changed! I am getting financial miracles, the family dog finally likes me, I am a better mother and I once again have the desire to pray, fast and read my bible. The enemy is still trying to steal my joy but, I keep rebuking him. I plan to regularly pray along with your YouTube warfare videos to be sure I never lose my blessed freedom.
I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the grace to overcome several months of battling obstacles to come to NJ. I Thank God for setting me free and I also thank you for your ministry of deliverance.

Rose Mary C.


Distance is not a barrier for someone who believe.
Hello sir, My name is Uwangabe Sylvie, I live in Rwanda! I am here to testify how God has been good to me. When you were praying for us online in your mass prayer video, I got healed in my left leg! Thank you so much and may God continue to give you strength! God bless you so much! I am kindly requesting, if you could send me some scriptures that can strengthen me in my relationship with Jesus Christ

Best regards,Sylvie


I'll like to thank you and your team for the Prayer Line my daughter and I attended on 28 July 2019. I really appreciate the anointing the Lord has placed upon you. We came from Western Canada in Edmonton. My daughter is 11 years old.

We have been oppressed for a long time (years) that I didn't know where to begin to tell the reasons why we came for deliverance.

On the Prayer Line the demons didn't want to speak initially. I am grateful for your patience with me and that you didn’t give up, but continued to the end to cast them out. I am happy to inform you that the pain in my calf is gone. Before coming to the Prayer Line, my calf was quite painful, tight and I couldn't bend my knees easily, which left me unable to kneel comfortably when praying. I am so thankful that, now I am able to bend my knees easily.

My daughter is more peaceful and obedient now. She is really different in a very great way. I truly believe that her coming years of school will be greatly peaceful and her academic performance will be consistent. Thank You, Jesus.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we will walk in the light of our deliverance. We feel the presence of Jesus Christ in our hearts and our home much more than before the deliverance. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit for setting us free.

Thank you so much,
Elizabeth R.


Encouraging Words "Proverbs 25:25"

Dear Apostle Zavlaris:
My stepmother and I came to your Sunday Deliverance Service on July 28, 2019. We were blessed by your loving spirit and the anointing God has on your life. While praying and praising in the worship part of the service, the Lord gave me a word of direction for my life. Then, when Apostle Zavlaris brought me upfront to pray for me, he stated, "What the Lord spoke to you, it is true." Therefore, he confirmed that what God spoke to me was indeed from the Lord and not my inner thoughts. Thank You, Jesus! I praise God for your loving ministerial staff and the Holy Spirit working through Apostle John.
Thank you again for Apostle John Zavlaris's surrendering to God to serve the Lord and God's people with love.

Esther Livingstone



Dear Apostle John,
I had been to the Prayer Line many times and have been so blessed to see the Anointing at work. A few months ago, my mother developed a severe rash on her skin that kept getting worse throughout the week, so on Saturday, the day before your Prayer Line, when I saw her crying in pain, I invited her to come for prayer and she came.
Apostle John, you lead her to salvation as she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord & Savior and then you prayed for her healing.
I am happy to testify that the morning after the Prayer Line, she first received healing in her spirit, feeling more peace and more joy. Then within a few days, Praise God, her rash cleared up and her skin was completely healed with no more bumps. It is such a blessing to know my mother has received both salvation and healing.
Now she’s watching you, Apostle John on YouTube and listening to audio Bible. She’s seeing the world differently now. I am eye witness to this amazing transformation, both physically and spiritually, in my mother’s life. I thank the Lord for healing my mother and granting her salvation and also for using your ministry to bless so many.

Daniel Moore, New Jersey USA.


Debbie's Great testimony.

Greetings Pastor John, 
I came to your Prayer Line in February, seeking prayers for myself and for my brother, who lives alone in Jamaica and has dealt with many blocks and closed doors in his life. You prayed over his picture and asked God to create a change in his stagnant situation.

I am writing to testify that my brother called me and said that ever since you prayed for him doors have been opening. Progress is now being made for release of an inheritance from his deceased father after a long delay.
He was even blessed in a special way with one of the gifts I sent to him after I returned from the Prayer Line. Unknown to me, when I purchased one item, it was exactly what he had wanted but didn’t have the money to buy in Jamaica. He is rejoicing over all the new blessings in his life.

I also want to testify that the prophecy you gave me concerning a promise of God, that He would use me in a more powerful way to preach the Gospel is already being fulfilled. I had arranged to go to Jamaica for two Revivals, which were successful, but by the time I left Jamaica I was blessed with the opportunity to hold 4 different Revivals. I was amazed to see the work the Lord was allowing me to do for His Kingdom.

I want to thank you for your continued prayers and for your ministry. I pray God’s blessing on you and your ministry that He continue to use you to touch lives and effect change here for His Kingdom to come, in Jesus’s name. Amen

With deep gratitude


Hello, Apostle John,

My husband and I came from Florida to the Prayer Line on the 23 of June. We both dealt with spiritual spouses, and came seeking our deliverance. We are blessed and give glory to our mighty God because we received our deliverance. I know God did set us free, that stronghold has been broken because what’s been broken in the spirit realm I see manifest physically. I know that God has restored our marriage. The turmoil we suffered from spiritual spouses and all we lost, I declare we will get back a 100 fold. AMEN! I thank the Lord, our Deliverer for this opportunity and thank you Apostle John and your team. May the Lord continue to fortify you and your team. 
God bless you.
Daniel & Mercy Tomas


Hello Pastor John,

I came to your Prayer Line from Los Angeles, California on June 2, 2019 and was incredibly blessed. I’m writing now to give glory to the Lord by sharing my testimony.
As you were praying for me, I fell under the power of the Anointing and saw a bright white light above my eyes.

Since I have been back home, I feel so much better. My mind used to be tormented with bad thoughts telling me to kill myself, that my life was horrible., etc.,
Now I don't have those bad thoughts anymore. My mind is clear. Hallelujah!

I used to feel like there was a heavy rock in my chest and now it is no longer there. I used to be so angry, so full of hate and little things would make me so mad. Now I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I’m happier.

I am so thankful to Jesus for setting me free!
Thank you, Pastor John for praying for me. You are so anointed and I am so thankful that I received a touch from God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through you. I will always remember going to the prayer line and receiving deliverance. Thank you for the work that you do. You are a great man of God and I am so happy that I found you and your ministry. May God bless you!
Denice Alvarez
Los Angeles CA


Dear Papa John,

It’s been two weeks since I visited your Prayer Line to receive my healing from asthma. Asthma has been a big problem in my family for generations. As a professional basketball player in Europe, this has been a struggle to stay in shape and conditioned. But glory be to God!
When I came to Papa John’s ministry, I knew my situation would not go unanswered! I just knew the Holy Spirit was Involved in this ministry, I had faith that Jesus would be my blessing provider and physical healer! It has now been two weeks since Pastor John prayed for me and my asthma. Glory be to God! I have not had any asthma symptoms at all! My breathing at night is much better and I no longer have the need to use my inhaler. I have been sleeping much better and I feel more in shape for basketball!
Thank you so much Papa for your prayers, and thank You, Jesus for healing me completely of asthma.
By His stripes I am healed. Isaiah 53:5


Pastor John,

I am writing you from Jamaica. I know you are working for the living God, truly you are Anointed by Jesus Christ and so is your ministry. 
I have seen many testimonies online of people who received “Blessed Bracelets” from your ministry and got amazing results, so I ordered two.
The day my bracelets arrived, I used them on my nephew who was under demonic attack with an epileptic seizure, manifesting mighty extra strength and acting WILD. 
I placed one bracelet on his forehead and when I put the other one on his hand, he began shaking his hand and kept saying that I put something on his HAND which is BURNING HIM, like it was on FIRE!!!!! 
It was very obvious that the “Blessed Bracelet” stopped the demon from operating in my nephew!!!!! 
But when relatives of the boy called other Christians to come to the house to pray and cast out the demon, they took the bracelet off his hand and when it was removed the demon got back strength!!!! To operate!!!! 
Finally, the relatives acknowledged that the bracelet was a Heavenly product, touched by the Anointing and only when the boy had it on was the very strong demon operating in him subdued. 
Only the Anointing can break every yoke!!!
I give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, THE GREAT DELIVERER. He can use any medium to bring victory to His people. There is no distance in Christ Jesus. HALLELUJAH!!!
Nicole B.


Hello Pastor John,

This June 9th will be exact one year, the day I was delivered by Jesus Christ from fear and generational curses on my life & body, at your Prayer Line. I came with my mother in the Prayer Line in NJ USA.
Hallelujah!!!......My life has been completely changed after that day, as I am walking closer to God and His words daily.
Even though this life has its trials, I feel Godly peace in my heart and Yes, that same peace I have been feeling since June 9th, 2018 the day I was delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ.
I love you pastor and I watch your YouTube videos regularly, especially the cooking ones. You are really an amazing Chef!

God Bless Your Ministry!...
Stefan T.

60805503_2593306930701546_6670702127632875520_o (1).jpg

Dear Pastor John,

I have been in this country for a few years and have had trouble finding a Pastor and Church that would help me be delivered of all the witchcraft and hurts of my past. Every night I was tormented with demons that have attacked me in my sleep and also while I’m awake in my bed. I have been to Churches that would not even give me time to counsel me, some of them kept telling me to call back in a few weeks for an appointment. I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in such a long time. Finally, I asked the Lord to send me to a ministry Anointed for deliverance, then after seeing your videos on YouTube, I heard the Lord tell me, “Take a taxi and go to the ‘exorcist’”, meaning you, Pastor John. So, I registered and went to your Prayer Line last Sunday.

During the mass prayer in the beginning of the service, I fell to the floor under the power of the Anointing. I felt such peace as I rested in the presence of the Holy Spirit. You allowed me to stay down and continue resting for a long time. You said that the Lord revealed to you that I was very tired and that He was giving me that time to be refreshed. When I woke up I felt so good. You counseled me and said I needed to take time to rest and that I should make time to fast, pray, confess the mistakes of my past and ask the Lord to restore my soul so I could have a new walk with Him. 
I took your advice and also started watching your ‘Pray along with Apostle John’ Playlist on your YouTube channel: 

As I touched the screen and prayed, I felt the Anointing come upon my head. I also saw visions of a white light and a big Bible open up with red and black lettering. I cannot begin to tell you how my life has changed for the better. I have also been using the ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ to battle the enemy before I go to bed and anytime the demons try to attack me. I am experiencing tremendous victory. I slept the other night for 7 hours straight, which hasn’t happened in years. I feel new energy now and I am not so tired, even though I continue to work hard. 

I give all glory to the Lord for my new freedom and I am so grateful and happy that HE sent me to you, Pastor John. I was blessed as I felt the love of Christ in your presence. The Lord showed me His power working in a mighty way in your ministry. My joy has increased and I am full of hope for what the Lord has in store for me. I will continuously pray for you and your ministry that your Anointing will increase as you continue to bless the wounded souls sent to you by God Almighty.

In Christian love,
Jessica White


Hi,Pastor John.

Praise God.
I am excited to recall the working of God and the deliverance I received on that Sunday of 14th April at Ramada Plaza Hotel on the Prayer Line.
I want to testify of how I received the healing that I came for, my itching skin which had troubled me for many years has been healed. It is a tremendous blessing to be free from the discomfort I suffered with for so long. I give thanks to the Lord, the great Healer, and I thank you for being a good servant of God.
Kamus Daniel, New Jersey USA


A Touching Story 
"Testimony from a woman with great perception of things from Above"

Hello, Pastor John ,
I am so thankful for your ministry and your prayers. I came to your Prayer Line two years ago, needing deliverance and breakthrough in my life. I was almost homeless and penniless at that time. After you prayed for me and I was delivered , you gave me $200. Since that time, blessings began opening up to me. I never forgot what you did for me, and now that I’ve had a good job for a while, I believe it’s time for me to give back the amount you gave me and add to it by blessing your ministry as a Monthly Partner. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for doing the work of the Lord so faithfully and so lovingly.

Florieda Matthews


Dear Rev. John Zavlaris 

I thank God for leading me to your ministry, it was truly a divine connection, I had prayed to God within a period of time to help me locate a true deliverance ministry and within a few weeks I was in one of the services and it was a blessing being prayed for concerning the very things I was believing the Lord to do in my life. I felt light after my deliverance session, the Lord is working awesomely through Rev. John and he is a blessing to many, be encouraged and be expectant as you connect with this ministry. Praise the Lord!

Anna Ture


Dear Pastor John,

I would like to thank Jesus for everything He did for me in the Prayer Meeting with you, when you prayed for me. After I went to the front for prayer, I do not remember what happened and I did not know if I was delivered, but after I came home to Canada, God gave me a vision. I was not sleeping yet, Jesus showed me the demons that came out of me, God said it was hundreds. I saw a chief, very tall, giving orders to smaller demons, some of them were very fat, they were inside a dark and closed place with fire, and they were screaming and jumping, very repulsive looking. The chief was giving orders to the ones beside him, saying to look for some openings to get out of the fiery pit, but they said, “No, it is impossible.” Also, I saw a line of demons inside many small jails. God said to me, that, one of the demons in jail that I was delivered from was the spirit of poverty, another one was the spirit of lack. Then I asked God to stop the vision of those demons in hell and He stopped it.
I also realized that I had been delivered and received breakthrough after the Prayer Line because I work as a web designer and before coming to the Prayer Line, I was able to create good drawings for publishers, but was having trouble making the drawings come up in emails to send to the publishers. It had been impossible. But after I returned home from the Prayer Line, I prayed and asked Jesus to show me how to complete the task. Then I tried and the FIRST time it worked and the drawings transferred through the email. ALL THE HONOR AND GLORY BELONGS TO GOD JESUS!!

I cannot fully express how happy and free I feel after my deliverance. I really enjoyed my time at your service. THANK YOU SO MUCH PASTOR JOHN!!

Many Thanks and Best Regards,
Cris Theodorakis.


Greeting Pastor John,

I want you to know that I am so grateful for you and your dedication to seeing me free. 
I came to the March 10th Prayer Line. I came in faith knowing that God would free me from Generational struggles and He did. Since my Deliverance, I have been so at peace with myself and I have been able to have better control over my life. I cannot stop thanking God for the new me. Praise be in Jesus name.

Malcolm Nielson
From Island Grenada (Caribbean Sea)


Hi Apostle John,
I'm writing to give my testimony that my mom and I received. We came together on the 10th of March; expecting God to move in our lives by faith, and He did just that. While in the Prayer-Line, you prayed for my mom, breaking generational curses, and demonic afflictions. Being in the service and under the Anointing, after you lead the mass prayer, she began to tell me all the pain left out of her lower legs. The next following week, she told me it's not in my hips either. She received healing from demonic attacks.
More great news - we both received jobs! So, I want to thank God for working through you, man of God, and your ministerial team! 
You all are doing an amazing job.
Love you all in jesus name,


This Amazing Testimony , Glorifies the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Good afternoon Pastor John Zavlaris Ministries,I attended the Prayer Line a month ago. What a blessing that was, before then, I was struggling in every area of my life, my children were going through the same things I was going through, it was not a good situation no way around. But when I attended the Prayer Line I saw light come in my life again, even in my school work. Before then, I could study, but couldn't remember anything. Now I study and can remember what I study, it's just like I'm seeing my school work for the first time. Things have changed in my life for the better, I'm reading the bible more, spending time with God, now a feeling comes upon me where I have to go spend time with God. What a good feeling that is! I will be coming back for another touch when I get my vacation. The staff there is so helpful, and they all have a sweet spirit. Just wanted to give y'all a praise report. Thank you Pastor John and God bless you all and keep you.Angela J. CT USA


Pastor John,I pray that all is well. I came to the Prayer Line January 20, 2019 and was extremely blessed to see God move and set so many people free. I emailed you after returning home, asking for your continued prayers for my Mom, Patricia who had been on dialysis for a little over a year and doctors were saying she would have to continue on it.We just received good news regarding my Mom and I am writing to send a praise report. The doctors said that her kidneys are working again and she has been removed from dialysis. Her mood seems to be a lot better also, so praise God for His abundant mercy and for your ministry. Continue to do the good work of Christ so that many will keep getting healed and set free. I’ll continue to keep you and your ministry team in prayer also.Blessings,Michael Powers


Hello Pastor John.This is Theresia from Pennsylvania.- I came to last Sunday’s Prayer Line, I could barely walk and I was having severe leg pain. You prayed for a lady that was in the front of the Prayer Line in a wheel chair, I was sitting in the back of the room, and when you prayed for her, Jesus also touched my legs and I was healed in my seat. The pain left and I realized that I was able to walk with no problem at all. It’s one week later, and I still do not have any pain.I am so thankful that my Lord and Healer granted me this incredible healing. I received my touch from Him under His Anointed presence.-I also want to share something amazing that happened to me on my way to the Prayer Line, driving from Pennsylvania. I stopped at the NJ toll Booth to pay the toll and asked the toll booth operator how to get to the Ramada Hotel. She asked me if I was going to John Zavlaris ministry, I told her, "Yes" , she said, "I'm talking to a lady at the John Zavlaris Ministries right now, who lost her phone, and I have it cause she lost it when she paid her toll. Can you take it to her?" I got the phone from her, bought it to the hotel, to your secretary, who told me that you had prayed early that morning for the lady to get her phone back. I call this a big but small miracle because you prayed for a lady's small phone and your prayer was answered in a big way, on the road from Pennsylvania to NJ!My day on Sunday was blessed from start to finish. Thank you Pastor John for your dedication and commitment to the Lord and to His people.

53720086_2453388071360100_7804773153921564672_n (1).jpg

Remember, you are not alone and your prayers have been heard!"If you’re a man of faith who’s facing challenges with finding a job, don’t go to employment agencies first to help you find a job. Come to our Prayer Line where we will pray and allow the Lord to give you the best job"Dear Apostle John,Greetings, I was out of work for almost a year, and traveled from Michigan to come to your Praying Line on January 20 2019, where you prayed for me. I am writing to share my amazing testimony because two days ago I got a job and I hadn't even applied for it!! Hallelujah! I Love my job.This is a tremendous blessing. Praise the Lord, He is a wonderful God. Thanks for your ministry and your faithfulness to the Lord. You're a blessing to my family as well.Sincerely,Marilyn S.


Dear Apostle John,I am so thankful for your prayers for my 3 years old son. He was throwing up all day Saturday, nothing he ate or drank throughout the whole day stayed down in his stomach. I prayed for him, but also thought about taking him to the doctor, but instead, the Holy Spirit put it on my heart to call you to pray. You prayed for my son over the phone and told me, “He’s going to be fine, I believe his healing has come.” Soon after you prayed, I gave him some Gatorade to drink and he didn’t throw it up. I kept him awake for a while and then put him to bed for the night. He slept straight through the night, no more throwing up. At breakfast time, he even woke up and said, “I’m hungry.” He had a big breakfast of eggs, toast, oranges and juice and was feeling back to normal. Now I know that distance is not a barrier for those who believe. Our Lord, the Great physician is so faithful to bless us when we call on His name. Thank you, Apostle John for your prayers and for standing in faith for our son’s healing.Rebecca G.New Jersey USA


Jeremy & Ijeoma’s Testimony:We are truly thankful for John Zavlaris’s Ministries and the Anointing over his life. February 2018, we visited the Prayer Line to get deliverance from marital problems. Prior to coming to the Prayer Line, we were on the verge of getting a divorce due to long term challenges in our marriage. Thankfully, during the service we attended, as Pastor John prayed, the Holy Spirit intervened and Jesus saved our marriage. Since then, we see such a change in our relationship. We have been blessed as we followed the sound advice instructed to us by the man of God, John Zavlaris which included: denouncing the spirit of divorce, walking around our apartment while anointing the walls and praying over our household.We also started the year of 2019 in prayer, as the man of God instructed and there has been much peace in our marriage. Going forward, we plan to continue seeking God’s face and moving forward to reaching our destiny.We highly recommend this ministry, it truly is a place of Liberty.


Dear Apostle John,I have been watching your videos and have seen so many others being delivered, that I decided to contact you a couple of weeks ago. Since I have connected with you for prayer, everyone in my house has quit smoking, including me and I am the worst smoker. I was smoking 2 packs a day and have smoked since I was a young teenager, I am now in my 50's. I was struggling with cravings to smoke and now I feel free. Through your prayers, I feel God has worked in my life to cleanse me. I am so thankful that He has saved me and allowed me to become this new creation in Christ. God Bless you for all you do to help others.Thank you,Mercy Richardson


Hello Pastor John,This is my Testimony.-Do you remember me? I’m the guy from Montreal Canada who went to see you at the prayer line on the 23rd of December 2018 !!!-My problem was i could not find a Job! And you touch me and you prophesied “In two week you will find”! And I did glory be to God.-Two weeks exactly I found my College internship in a compagnie.Thank you!Robert McColley


Hello Pastor John,My wife and I are very grateful for all that God did for us when you prayed and I received my deliverance from smoking on Sunday' s Prayer Line. Now, our life is as good as ever before. Since that day I haven't smoked. Even if and when I feel the desire to smoke, I pray about it and walk in my new freedom. My addiction to cigarettes was disturbing the pease of our marriage, but now my wife is more than happy and pleased with the victory I received through Christ Jesus.After the deliverance , we went back home, where I had to work as a Lyft driver that night. I prayed and asked God for help to make the money I needed to pay the rental agreement amount and sure enough, God didn't just bless me with what I needed , but He gave me so much that I paid the rental and still made a profit. I received so much that I got tired and ended up going home at 1:30 in the morning.I thank you for your prayers and help, it fortified me and strengthen my faith and I am grateful for God's blessings.God bless you, Papa John and bless your ministryKevin B.


Hello Apostle John,I gave my life to Christ a year ago, after having been a muslim all my life. I came to your Prayer Line because I had a voodoo charm that my grandmother had given me as a child and after I burned it recently, I began to be attacked with demonic dreams and bad sleep. Now, after you prayed for me on the Prayer Line, I am no longer having those demonic attacks in the night, no more bad dreams . I sleep well and feel good. I thank the Lord for my deliverance and I'm grateful that He led me to your ministry where I was able to receive my New Touch from the Lord. 
Husein S.


Hello dear Papa John,I just wanted to share my testimony with you. Me and my husband came to your Prayer Line because we had several problems we needed help with. We watched your YouTube videos for a while and have seen how God touches people through your ministry and helps them. And we are so happy we came! My husband was released from smoking habit and his back is healed. I had sickness in my hands called carpal tunnel. It’s extreme nerve pain in both hands. I am only 47 years old and didn’t know what to do about it. The only help is to do surgery but it doesn’t always give you good outcome either. You even didn’t have to pray for me, You just touched my hands and said - “everything will be ok.” I can tell you now -I am totally healed! I work very hard every day cleaning homes for living and now there is no pain or numbness in my hands!!! Hallelujah! That was the best part of visiting your service - to see God’s power in action! To see how the enemy in any form is defeated and obeys the mighty name of Jesus! That was done so professionally! May God help me to grow spiritually more and more to that level, like you Papa John and help people around me! Thank you very much for being there for us! ❤️Matthew and MargaretFlorida, USA


Dear Apostle John,
Greetings. I am writing to share my testimony with you. A week ago today, I attended your service and was greatly blessed. It's one thing to watch you on youtube but its quite different to be there in person. The presence of the Lord was strong in the service and I was very expectant that I would receive from the Lord. As I was prayed for, I fell under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and something happened even though I didn't know what.Please note that since 2011 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes among other things and I had to change my diet drastically and repeatedly. I could not and did not eat a lot of things. But the next day after I attended your service I felt "different" in my stomach. I began to feel hunger pains and I felt like eating things that I didn't eat for years. Then I checked my blood glucose reading and it was still in the normal range. The mornings following my reading showed a normal reading as well. Praise God for healing me. Thank you, Jesus!Among the many other changes, I have noticed that my mind is much clearer, that I am singled out for favors from people, and thank God, no more nightmares in the week since I got home. Over the years I suffered from insomnia but since this past Wednesday, I have been sleeping like a newborn baby. I can't wait to get into bed at night. I can now relate to King David when he said his sleep was sweet. My sleep is indeed sweet. I thank God for remembering me.Thank you, Apostle John, and may God bless you and your much-needed ministry. Like Moses, you are a Deliverer sent by God to deliver His people out of bondage. Certainly, you have been called for such a time as this.May God bless you and your wonderful staff until I come again.Sincerely,Mary-Jo


Dear Apostle John,I give thanks and praise to God for my deliverance at your service. I could sense something was going to happen and when you prayed for me it did, the joy I felt during the rest of the time with you and afterwards is wonderful. There was an emotional release from what has left and I can see more clearly now.
Even as I write this, I can sense the Father’s love for me filling my heart! God is Sooo Good!It was worth coming all the way from London just for the Prayer Line.I give thanks to God for you and thank you for your prayers.Blessings in Jesus Mighty Name,R. Vagner


Dear Pastor John,I am writing to give my testimony of how I received healing and peace after you prayed for me. I was suffering from severe high blood pressure, and medication was not helping. I was very concerned because I had plans to fly out of state to visit family in a couple of days and I was considering cancelling my trip. I asked you to pray, knowing that whenever you prayed for me in the past I received great healing.I was especially blessed because you not only prayed for me, but you also gave me the Word that I should not cancel my trip, that the Lord was going to restore my health and allow me to enjoy this time to be with my family. After you prayed for me, I felt peace come over me. The next morning my blood pressure began to normalize and I was once again excited about leaving for my trip the next day, believing that the prophecy you gave me will be fulfilled. Our Lord, Jesus Christ is truly the Great Healer and I’m thankful for His unending loveGod bless you,Denice Pelegrini


Hello Apostle John,I am a widow living in the mountains of upstate New York, who came to your Prayer Line a few times over the years and was very blessed each time. I recently emailed you for prayer because I fractured a rib and was unable to travel. Unfortunately, I have fractured several ribs over the years because my bones are weak and I know the debilitating pain that goes with it. I was in much pain when I emailed you and I was also having trouble taking deep breaths. The morning after emailing you for prayer, I woke up and knew that God had granted me my healing because there was no more pain and I was able to breathe deeply! I was scheduled for an X-ray that morning and when I saw the X-ray technician, I told him, " You're not going to find a broken rib because my God already healed me!" My doctor just called me with the X-ray results and confirmed what I already knew, he said that the X-ray showed that there were NO FRACTURES. All I can say is, "Thank You Jesus, you are Our Great Healer. " And thank you, Pastor John for your prayers and for taking the time to pray for me, hundreds of miles away. There is no distance in love and prayers. I am blessed and encouraged to know you and your ministry.With deep gratitude and great respect,


Dear Pastor John,I was at the Prayer Line in November and requested prayer for my sister in Namibia, who I have been trying to bring here in America for some time. We have been waiting for her Visa approval to the US and I am happy to report that my sister came yesterday, everything was approved and it was a wonderful journey.Thank you so much for all your prayers, Pastor John. Soon after we came to the Prayer Line and you prayed, we received the word that her Visa was approved. I’m very grateful and happy for the blessings of our Lord. God bless you Pastor John.Mbaz H.


Hello Apostle John,my name is Christian, from Boston.I want to give my great testimony of how I had been attacked on my job by someone at work and suffered a lot. Then one day the situation become worse and my job called me in, claiming I violated corporate policy and fired me. I was out of work for 4 months, when one of my friends from California told me about this Ministry in New Jersey and I called the next day to register. I attended the Sunday Service on Sunday October 21st and received my deliverance. I was blessed to be apart of your service and to witness the Power of God setting His people free. I felt such peace in my heart after prayers that I have not felt in months. Praise the Lord! After I return home, the following week I received 3 Jobs offers. One of them was even from the Job that fired me. I never received a Job offer so fast in my life the same day I interviewed for one Job they called me back an hour later and offered me the Job. Thank you Jesus! I am now working and I am so thankful to you Apostle John and to your ministry.My sister, who came with me to the Prayer Line, also received a tremendous blessing, she was healed of 2 large brain tumors.God bless you all.


Hello Pastor John,My family and I came to your conference last August from Texas. Jesus healed my pregnant wife's back through you and you prophesied that the baby will turn in the right direction and that her labor and delivery will be easy. Praise God the baby turned, my wife never complained of back pains even as the pregnancy progressed. She was scheduled for an induction 12/20/18 at 6 am. She woke me up at 3 am that morning stating close contractions. When we got to the hospital, the doctor came in and broke her water, within a few minutes the baby was born without any complications; my wife was also okay.We give God all the glory for our precious baby girl.We would be honored to attend another conference and depend on God to provide the finances to come and bless your ministry in Jesus mighty Name Amen.God bless and increase His anointing on you Man of God. AmenHarry and Bernadette Wilson.


Hi, my name is Melissa Dugan.I attended the deliverance service on October 21st because I was under witchcraft attack.. I was experiencing a lot of nightmares and depression.. basically I just wanted to die.. I would be on my knees praying and the enemy would attack me .. I would start crying so much that I couldn’t even finish my prayer to God .. I would be in so much pain all through my body and alway scared of something bad happening to me and my kids .. the experience was horrifying.. I honestly thought of committing suicide on two occasions just to make the attacks stop.. I couldn’t sleep because of the constant nightmares..I found this ministry on YouTube and I called the number to register. I honestly couldn’t wait for this deliverance.. I kept thanking God in advance for my deliverance.. .. I was so happy and excited that I found you guys .. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, working through Apostle Zavlaris, I was delivered completely.. My spirit is back to normal.. no more sick nightmares and attacks.. I’m not depressed anymore.. I am forever grateful to God for my deliverance.
I can’t wait to attend this ministry again .. God bless you guys !!!!! Thank you Apostle John Zavlaris for being a man of the most high God !!!


Hi, my name is Melissa Dugan.I attended the deliverance service on October 21st because I was under witchcraft attack.. I was experiencing a lot of nightmares and depression.. basically I just wanted to die.. I would be on my knees praying and the enemy would attack me .. I would start crying so much that I couldn’t even finish my prayer to God .. I would be in so much pain all through my body and alway scared of something bad happening to me and my kids .. the experience was horrifying.. I honestly thought of committing suicide on two occasions just to make the attacks stop.. I couldn’t sleep because of the constant nightmares..I found this ministry on YouTube and I called the number to register. I honestly couldn’t wait for this deliverance.. I kept thanking God in advance for my deliverance.. .. I was so happy and excited that I found you guys .. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, working through Apostle Zavlaris, I was delivered completely.. My spirit is back to normal.. no more sick nightmares and attacks.. I’m not depressed anymore.. I am forever grateful to God for my deliverance.
I can’t wait to attend this ministry again .. God bless you guys !!!!! Thank you Apostle John Zavlaris for being a man of the most high God !!!


GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER FOR MY DAUGHTER.Hello Pastor Zavlaris,I first saw some of your deliverance videos a few weeks, and I was overjoyed to see such an Anointing of God so near to my state. My daughter was struggling with having loneliness, anxiety attacks and depression for many years now. The enemy has attacked her through other demonic people. I emailed you two weeks ago to pray for her. Now, I am happy to say that since I sent you the last email, I see a drastic change in my daughter, she is peaceful and joyful, and willingly goes to church. I am thankful God has heard the prayers of His saints and I believe a great testimony will come out of her life.Thank you
Denice P.


It was a wonderful blessing to meet you and speak with you when I first came to the Prayer Line in February. When you prayed for me, you spoke about 2018 being a year of breakthrough. I have experienced spiritual breakthrough in my life in several areas since then and expect more breakthrough to come. I came again in August because I had been experiencing fatigue for a couple months before coming to the prayer line. You prayed the fire of the Holy Spirit on me, and I felt thankful. The next day I traveled through airports and drove a while to get home at 11:00 pm. When I got home I walked my dog for 1 hour. The next morning I walked again for 1 hour and then spent the day cleaning house. That second night I took a long walk again. Then the following morning I took another long walk before going to work. So the fatigue was gone! I thank the Lord for you and all the ministers who work under you. Jesus bless you!


Amazing Testimony! Received the healing in her back through Prophecy.

Greetings, Man of God,My husband and I came to your Prayer Line with our kids last month. I began having back pains back in 2007 when I worked as a nurse's aide. I had an epidural with my first child in 2010 and it got worse. I am a nurse and I lift, pull, care for heavy patients, which aggravates it more while I am at work and after I get home. I was first rear- ended September 2015 and then again in February 2016, rushed to the hospital ER and found out I was pregnant. But I miscarried in March 2016 due to chronic pains. God blessed us with a healthy boy January 2017. But my back would always hurt, that would scare my husband and I, especially now that I am 6 months pregnant. On our way to NJ last month, my back was on fire. Even in church, I felt so uncomfortable to the point that the devil tried to convince me to go back to our hotel room. But by the grace of God, after you (Pastor John) laid your hand on my back, it felt like a newborn's back. Hallelujah, since that day, my back hasn't hurt at all. Even my husband is amazed with my healing. We give God all the glory for His healing hand on my life. 
Another testimony also, my ex-husband and father of my daughter refused to care for our daughter since she was born and even after the court ordered him to pay. We received a letter in mail last week that he was served to appear in court for violating his probation. We noticed today that he made a payment. We rejoice and declare that all our battles have been placed into the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May God's mighty and anointing hands ever be on you and your ministry in Jesus' mighty name. Amen Paul & RoseMary


" I've been waiting a long time for my deliverance from generational curses."

Dear Pastor John Zavlaris,I struggled for almost one year and finally was blessed to visit the Pray Line August 19th and it was amazing. After you prayed for me, I'm free from my generation curse and I feel light and calm. I felt so welcomed there, when everyone else had given up on me. Praise the Lord for your Ministry and I pray to God to give you strength to do His work. Thank you, I am delivered, Hallelujah! And I also want to testify and thank Jesus because after I returned home, I had thought my bank account had nothing in it and then something told me to check my account and saw that God blessed me with $490. I thank God for your ministry and I would like to visit you again, In Jesus name, Amen.
Miriam De Souza



Dearest Pastor John,It was about five year ago, you had a service in Denver Colorado and my wife and I were there on the Prayer Line. Some of the congregation received healing, some freed from the devil, some filled with the Holy Spirit.I was so privileged to be picked by the Holy Spirit. My request was that we had been married for seven years at that time and desperately wanted to have a child of our own. While praying, Pastor John, you had me come up for prayer with my wife. You asked how long we have been married and prophesied to us, “You need your own child." The Holy Spirit confirmed through you that we were going to have a child. I am blessed to testify now that we are expecting our first son soon. Praise the Lord! He fulfills all that He has promised in His time. We are thankful that the Lord used you to pray and prophesy to us that we would receive our blessing. We have held on to those words. It has been a great source of hope to build our faith, as we waited for our blessing. We want to testify to the body of Christ of this great work the Lord has done in our life. May He continue to use you mightily to bless His people.With love and gratitude,Girum and Lemlem Worku



Hi Apostle John, My name is Richard Marconi. I attended the prayer line August 19. I went because I wanted to help my brother, but I was told to focus on my own deliverance first. I was always tired and was starting to get depressed. My anxiety was controlling my life. I would let it hold me back from doing the things I like to do. I would sleep a lot and just stay in the house all the time. When I first arrived, I was uneasy and full of anxiety. When you came to me you told me I had anger. At the time, I didn’t’ think so. But it was true. Today, almost two weeks later, I am full of energy, my anger is gone, I have not had a headache since and I can sleep at night. I pray all the time now and it brings me true peace. I even got the energy to volunteer with my church. My friends and family tell me that I seem different. They say I talk and look different, more upbeat and happy, like I used to. My lust for other men is getting smaller and smaller each day. One of my friends even asked me how to start finding a relationship with God, so I'm telling him all that I did and about the prayer line. Attending the prayer line gave me my life back. I'm at peace not only with myself but with others. So many things have been happening. Things are just lining up for me. I have had so much energy that I have been working out every day. I even started a diary, something I have never done before. I'm also able to do more for others. God is my provider, my joy, my love, my life. I thank the Lord for you. thanks be to God. And God bless you.Richard Marconi



Dear Apostle John
I have to testify my Divine Miracle through our Lord Jesus Christ when I met you in Theologos Lokridos few months ago. You prayed for me concerning my serious heart condition. A few days after I find myself Healed by his grace. The arteries in my heart were blocked, but after God’s intervention they are clean and I feel strong.
I want to inform you that I prepared a place in Athens for you to hold a Prayer Line of healing and Deliverance because there are many around me who are in need.  When I looked into your eyes, I saw the love of Christ. I’m so thankful to God for you. Amen.
Bishop Peter
Athens, Greece 
Freely you have received; freely give" Matthew 10:8


Christians testify miracles in Jesus name.
Hi Apostle John,I hope you are well. i came at the prayer line earlier this month. I just wanted to take time out to share my testimony of what the God Almighty has done for me. I came with a lot of issues, resulting from ways the enemy has robbed my blessings, which lead me to be tormented in my sleep in the night.Well, after you prayed for me i can honestly say that i am not tossing and turning in the night anymore because the Lord gives sweet sleep to those who are His! Glory to God my savior who has set me free!!! Hallelujah, thank you Lord! And Thank you, man of God, for allowing God to flow through you. Be blessed!
Charlene Philiips


Angelina's amazing testimony and deliverance in USA Prayer line of Liberty.
Dear Pastor John,I came to your Prayer Line last week because demons have been affecting my life for 16 years. These demons attacked my mind and my success, and because of this I couldn't hold a job. I attracted all kinds of evil people every where I went. I was tormented. But now I am free.During my deliverance, when you laid hands on me, Pastor John, I felt the hands of God. The touch of your hands was so powerful, it felt like a thunder of electricity hit me and I felt that something was pulled out of the pit of my womb. Something was removed. The power of God fell on me so powerfully. God has truly given me my life back. I will never forget it. I am free. Pastor John, you have truly been gifted to do miracles in peoples lives. You are a sweet man and a true man of God. I think you and all your staff are all beautiful people. Thank God for your healing power Pastor. I am truly grateful and thankful to your ministry.With deep gratitude,
Angelina Vitoli


Dear Pastor John,I attended your Prayer Line in June at the Crowne Plaza. After your prayers, things have changed in my life. I can say that I feel spiritual freedom. I’m worshipping my Lord Jesus Christ daily now and there’s no more blockage in my life. Also, I’m trying to stay holy to keep my deliverance. Demons tried to attack me, but I feel stable and strong in Christ. Thanks for your prayers. 

Isabella Maria Rodriguez


Hi Pastor John Zavlaris,
I wanted to tell you about my testimony after visiting your Prayer Line. I came because I thought I was possessed, since I kept having dreams about things attacking me, as well as sexual dreams and bizarre dreams. The night before Pastor John prayed for me, I didn't have any bad dreams and I think it was because I was so happy that I would be healed so I slept in peace. After he prayed for me I haven't had scary dreams. One night, something told me, "Oh, you're not healed." I have to reject the lies satan tells me in order to conquer him. I know now that it's my faith that Jesus will take care of me that helps me depend on His grace and that allows me to sleep peacefully. Please keep me in your prayers so I can keep my blessings.
Thank you all so very much!!!
Denise Lighthouse


We have many testimonies from those watching our You Tube Channels'

Dear Pastor John,I have been watching the ministry on your Apostle John Zavlaris youtube channel: This past Sunday, I was wrestling with a lot of stress and was led to watch and pray along with you and the other believers. That night, when I went to bed, I slept so soundly, which I had not been able to do for a very long time. I cannot tell you how much that alone meant to me. Then, I had also emailed you, about 2-3 weeks ago, because I felt like I was dying, as a nurse--we call this a feeling of impending doom. I immediately emailed you and it was not long after that the feeling of despair lifted. I felt strengthened by the love and peace of Christ. What a blessing it is to know that you took the time to pray about my situation.I sincerely thank God for you and your work in the ministry. I have been blessed. I just wanted you to know. Keep the youtube videos posted, please. They are a tremendous blessing. Sean Wilson


WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE I GOT DELIVERANCE. "Remember, distance is not a barrier to receive"
Hello Apostle John,God has done it today! I didn't know that by watching your deliverance videos, God would also deliver me today! I strongly believe that God lead me to your videos ( I emailed you because I needed help with a spirit husband that was trying to take my virginity. I had gone to visit family in Africa 2 years ago and when I returned home to Germany, my education started to become difficult and my problems began. But after sending you my email, some hours later something happened that made the spirit angry.I was with a friend of mine and he said I was screaming like a cat and my hands and toes formed like a cat's.I started shouting and manifesting and I saw the same behaviors, which were in your videos. I believe I'm delivered now. Thank you for replying to me Apostle John. May God richly bless you!
Yours sincerely,Abigail


A GREAT TESTIMONY.Praise the Lord. Thank God for his grace on my life. In 2017 I went to the prayer line. I know what I was going through was not physical and it is going to take the anointing of God through the man of God to destroy the darkness in my life. One touch from papa JohnThe enemy that was causing me not to work can't sleep at night was confused and destroy in Jesus name. To day my health has been restored. I have a wonderful job. I slept so well. My prayer life is better. My way of thinking is better. Everything in my life had been renewed restore by the power of the holy spirit. Am now experiencing new life in Christ. Am so happy am so bless. My God is awesome he's great he is super natural. I thank God for Papa John ministry and is kindness.his passion to work for the Lord to destroy the word of the enemy. God bless


Sonia's testimony from Sialkot Pakistan
Apostle John received an emergency phone call from Sonia, a woman he knew in Sialkot, Pakistan, asking him to pray for her sister, Sonila, who was in critical condition in the hospital. Doctors had given Sonila 3 bottles of blood and had her on oxygen. Apostle John told Sonia, “I will pray for your sister now. Do not be afraid, Jesus is alive. Your sister shall be ok in three days.”Today, to the glory of God Almighty, Sonia called to say her sister is fine, according to what apostle John had said.This is Sonia’s amazing testimony, “Thanks be to our Lord Jesus and thanks to Brother John sister Sonila is alive and getting better. She is walking Oxygen no catheter and no more pain. She is talking and eating. God is merciful! God is good all the time! This is a Big Miracle. Brother, thank you so much because of your care, prayer and concerns, we have this miracle!”


Dear Apostle John,
I came to your Prayer Line in March of this year and returned today to give testimony of how my life has improved tremendously in the past 7 weeks since I returned back to North Carolina. Before coming to you, I had not worked much in the past 8 years. As a result, I was destitute, became homeless and had to move back in to live with my mother. When I drove myself from North Carolina to your Prayer Line in March, I had to sleep in my car because I didn't have money for a hotel. You prayed for me and I left the Prayer Line believing that my life had been changed. Within days of returning to North Carolina, I got several calls for jobs and accepted a good paying full time job. I decided to return to the Prayer Line today to sow a Love offering into your ministry as a way of saying 'thank You' to Jesus and to you for blessing my life with a new dawn. Another big change was that when I came to NJ for this weekend's Prayer Line, I had enough money to come by plane and stay 2 nights in the hotel. I can't thank you enough, Apostle John for faithfully serving the Lord and for doing it without charge, making it possible for even those without money to come and receive their deliverance and breakthrough. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.
Maria Sutherland — in Newark, New Jersey.


Great Testimony-No more smoking!
When God intervenes with our weaknesses, events happen.Good evening Pastor Zavlaris,I pray that you are doing well in the Lord!I am writing to give a testimony. My name is Tameisha Browne. My son and I visited the prayer line on January 28, 2018. During the service, you suddenly stopped ministering and asked who smoked cigarettes. I waited, thinking that someone else was going to raise their hand. No one did. I then knew that it was my moment! Even though I came to the prayer line for issues that I believed were more pressing than smoking cigarettes, God chose this issue to work with first, especially since I told Him that I just could not do it in my own power! You prayed for me, and I walked out in faith that it was done. Praise God! He took the desire away immediately. Even with stresses and "triggers", I never consider smoking since.Today makes 3 months since the day that I visited the prayer line.My mother, who is 63 years old and has smokes cigarettes since the age of 18, was so moved by what happened to me at the prayer line, that she turned to God and has also stopped smoking! I did not know this until she told me last week! She had quit 2 weeks after I did, unbeknownst to me.Thank you Pastor for your dedicated work for the Lord to set the captives free! I thank God for the ministry team as well. We will be back soon, Lord willing. Again, thank you!Mark 9:23: Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Gratefully,Tameisha Browne.


RECENT TESTIMONY."Remember that distance is not a barrier! Just believe - that is our connection to Jesus Christ"Dear Pastor John,The miracle happened! Thank you to the Lord God, in the name of Jesus and thanks to you. My sister never got rest from her allergies day and night, but the moment I sent you her picture and prayer request, everything has gone. Glory be to God.
in Newark, New Jersey.


A good testimony.Hi,I'm Matthew Saragosa, I was delivered by John Zavlaris on January 7th. Since that day it changed a lot of things in my life. I have good news, I am now engaged to someone in my life and banks have contacted me to give me credit offers. Before coming to the Prayer Line, I had lost my job and now, after returning home, I got the security officer license I needed to get a job. Thank you for praying for me. 
in Newark, New Jersey.


Dear Pastor John Zavlaris,I want to share my testimony. I have been struggling a lot to finish school and get my diploma. Since young I was a bright student. Unfortunately, I never finished school because of a lot of reasons. There has been always a negative when I was trying to finish my school year and to pass over to the next year. At the edge of my breakthrough there has always been discouragement, failure, disappointments and delay.
I had to get my diploma in 2017 but was delayed. My exam teacher was always sick when I needed them. Or something happend with my exam material. And my teacher did not want to sign my exams. I was always blocked and had to work very very hard to go forward. But glory be to God.After I came from Holland to visit your Prayer Line, two amazing things happened on the same day, I received my diploma and also my work certificate of consumer law !When Jesus says "yes", who can say "no". Jesus has the final say. I thank you for your prayers. May God almighty strengthen you and abound you with grace for every good deed, Amen.All the honour and glory belongs to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.Sincerely,Alexandra B.


Hi Papa John,I am an Eritrean living in Switzerland and since I do not have a passport to come to your Prayer Line in USA I sent you my photo to pray over. I was struggling with attacks from a spiritual husband, but thank you, after you prayed, now I am free from spirtual husband . I am happy and I give thanks to God for my freedom.Jennifer M.


Dear Apostle John,I came to your Prayer Line desperately needing deliverance and healing from heavy bleeding that had been going on for one month. Praise God, after my deliverance, my bleeding stopped completely. I came back home and I am very happy, no more hopelessness. Before coming to NJ, I couldn't do anything. My husband had to take care of our young children. But since I came home, I am very happy and have my strength back. I have to say that what I saw in you, I've never seen in my life. Apostle John, you are real - a real man of God. I am going to save my money to be able to come back to the Prayer Line and give my testimony.I am so thankful to the Lord for leading me to you to receive my healing and deliverance. I had been trying for one and a half years to come from Oregon to New Jersey. The enemy set up so many obstacles but I didn't give up. I plan to start sending others to you so they can also receive their blessing. Thank you, man of God for all you do to help set the captives free.Mary H.


Hello Apostle John, my name is Georgia, 
I want to tell you what Jesus did for me today by delivering me. I thank my Jesus Christ, He's the head of my life. I give Him all the Glory, all the Praise belongs to Him. I just want to say thank you for the deliverances today for me, my daughter, my brother and sister in Christ. I thank you, I thank you. God bless you and your ministry in Jesus Name.


Even today, the Lord speaks to the pure hearts of His people.Encouraging words from Virginia: " When I saw Apostle John's videos, I could tell that the Lord is really using this man. I see hands-on how he loves and cares for the people. When you come across someone like this that the Lord is Really using, all I can say is, ' I gotta get there!'. Thank you, Man of God."


Elsie G. is a woman from Australia who can't come to our prayer line and sent this email.It was a testimony of how she received healing from 20 yrs of depression after she heard one of my teachings . Hello, Pastor John, All my life since childhood I suffered from major depression, it was a mountain controlling my life. Something you said when I was watching one of your videos was that God can move mountains in my life. I never understood that before. So I asked Jesus to remove this mountain of depression, claiming His promise. I was on strong drugs 20 years. Nothing was working. I stopped the drugs right then and fasted and prayed 3 days and praise God I believe He has removed the depression. I have not taken the medication since. I am feeling good. God bless you and your work Pastor John James 5 :16 says that the fervent prayer of a righteous man has much power. I believe this.


Michele's H. Testimony
Pastor Zavlaris, I have to give you my testimony. God has delivered me from anorexia, cancer, alcoholism, and much more. After watching this video, God convicted me of smoking cigarettes-although I have tried many, many times to quit, and have cut down considerably, I was stubbornly clinging to a few a day. I was so nervous I lit one up-a feeling of terror consumed me. I prayed to God that Jesus would deliver me, and asked that I fall ill if I try to smoke (nauseous). As I prayed, I broke the rest of the pack in half, spit up and dry heaved. I consider this to be a miracle, and I pray you continue your ministry of love and deliverance for many years to come. Praise God!By the way, I felt very strongly this morning that there was a false idol in my home. I was led to an African necklace (I buy trinkets at thrift shops as we have been quite poor in the past), which I threw away, as I was watching this video I looked down into my lap and realized I was wearing peace sign pajamas (they were quite comfy, but they went as well! Thank you Jesus!!


Hello Apostle John,I am from Boston, Massachusetts and recently came to the prayer line on Nov 19th and also last September. I found that the prayer was so effective, I brought in some other friends with me for deliverance and they were satisfied as well. I am experiencing peace and the Anointing of God has become more powerful for me. I am so blessed and thankful for you and the work you are doing for the Lord. May God continue to bless you and your staff in Jesus nameThank you and God blessJ ohn Louis


Samuel from Bronx, 
NY, came to our last Prayer Line full of joy wanting to testify of how the prophesy from the Lord that he received when he came to a previous Prayer Line, was fulfilled that he would receive his drivers license back so that he could work again. Glory be to God. At every Prayer Line we are eye witnesses of God's intervention.


Hello Pastor John,When I receiving deliverance on Sunday I feel anew. I haven’t felt such peace and calm inside me since I can remember. Something always felt off and uneasy. Now I know why. The demons of Lust, Anger, Fornication, Hate, Witchcraft and Generational Curses have ruined so many of my relationships. I was into pornography big time, I fornicated with so many and I suffered with anger and hate for years.
Sometimes it calmed down but I felt it was always there. I always felt that I didn't deserve a great woman in my life. I’ve gone through 10’s of women and the longest relationship was about 9 months together. 
I always had voices telling me I would never be successful in business or finding a good godly woman that would love and honor me in the name of Jesus. 
I have a renewed and solid faith in Jesus now. I am done with religion. It has never done anything concrete to solve demonic issues. I have been given a new dawn directly by Jesus, through your abilities, Pastor John. 
I know in my mind and heart Jesus has the right woman for me and the business I want to start in Florida is coming very soon. 
My advice for anyone that is wanting deliverance: Let go, let Jesus Christ do His healing in you when you come to the prayer line of Pastor John. When he prayed for me, I felt a surge of power that shook me up. I fell twice. After I got up and only remember bits, I heard Pastor John tell me, “the debt is paid and the generational curses are gone from you and your family.”
I have never in my life felt so liberated and free. Jesus is more real than anything and He is very powerful. He is my guide and my Lord and Savior. I owe Him my life and I will raise my business in His name and give Him the Glory. Same as when I start my family. It will be because of Jesus! Not my own strength. I cannot do these without Jesus Christ. 
I am a warrior for Jesus Christ. The Lord God, the Creator has witnessed my deliverance and allegiance to Him ONLY. May all be blessed and free in Jesus’ name!


Good morning man of God,I was in the prayer line August 27th and went through my deliverance. Before I came I use to dream about eating food in my dream, having sex in my dream and seeing myself in the village where my mother came from. I have also had miscarriages. Thank God I came for the prayer line and thank God for you. I don't have these dreams any more. I feel so much relief. God will continue to bless your ministries and continue to use you to be a blessing for his people.  Thanks so much. Gloria M.


Dear Apostle John,I came to your Prayer Line for deliverance on May 28th. Demons were tormenting me with bad dreams every night, keeping me from sleeping well. I was pregnant at the time and scared for my baby. After you prayed from me, the bad dreams stopped and I delivered a beautiful baby girl safely. I'm so thankful that I came for my deliverance before my baby was born. She is healthy and beautiful and I give glory to the Lord for blessing me. Thank you, man of God for being used so powerfully. Cynthia W.


Dear Apostle John,Over a year ago, I traveled from Chicago to the Prayer Line with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter’s father had abandoned us many years ago. She was always very discouraged because she didn’t have a father and she was acting troublesome in school and at home. I came to the Prayer Line in faith, using my rent money to pay for the trip to NJ. I also needed prayer and breakthrough in my own life because I had been suffering in so many ways. I had lost my job, I had no friends –people were always lying to me and using me. I was also suffering from headaches, pain and stomach cramps associated with fibroids.


ROSEMARY'S TESTIMONY.“I came to your Prayer Line last year with a prayer request about my school, after I was not successful the first time. Man of God, you prayed for me and told me the Lord said that this year was my year and everything will work out well. When I came back, I applied to the school that I was kicked out from and I was accepted back. The Lord connected me to a friend who helped me and not only did I successfully complete the course, but I was also given an award as the best student with a $100 gift certificate, which I gave to the Lord. I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me and for using you as a Man of God.”


Hi Apostle John,I came to visit your prayer line on June 25th. What a wonderful, eye opening blessed service! After fasting last month, I asked God to help me find a good church that could pray for me and that's when I stumbled on one you videos on YouTube, I knew I had to come see you . I came to the church because I needed deliverance and breakthrough , and when you prayed for me I knew God was leading you to to help me. Since you prayed for me , I feel at peace, I feel light, happier and no anxieties, I function with ease and focus, knowing that God is directing my life. Thank you very much. I plan on coming back to the Prayer Line to receive more blessings.God bless you, Lauren Smith  New Jersey USA


I visited the Prayer Line and was truly blessed. 
I was having upper back pain and Apostle John prayed for me and said to give it three days for the pain to leave. But by the time I was ready to leave, I didn't feel the pain. I slept very well that night and I almost woke up late for work. God is still healing and delivering His people from the hands of the wicked. I will be going to the Prayer Line more often for bible study and their deliverance services....To God be all the glory   Denise


Dear Apostle, 
I came to your Prayer Line over a year ago and I want to thank you for your prayers, because after you prayed for me, my life changed for the better in many ways. I have been blessed with a good husband and we are happily married. Also, soon after the Prayer Line, I was granted a green card that I had been waiting a long time for. I will always be grateful to the Lord and for the way He used you to bring wonderful blessings into my life. Thank you for all you do to bless the people of God.
Marcia Salvador


Thank you so much, Apostle John. 
We were truly blessed visiting your ministry. May God bless you and your ministry more abundantly. Thank you for taking time to deliver God's children. My daughter said she felt really good and lighter. We were enjoying praising God in the car on our way back. Thank you again and God bless you.


I truly enjoyed the service last Sunday. 
I was blessed. I now smell the oil of my refreshed anointing. Apostle John you spoke words of wisdom which blessed my soul immensely. Please continue your great work, the LORD willing, I will certainly be attending in the future. All praise to our Great Savior!Richard W.New York, USA


Hello Pastor John,My name is MaryAnn from Massachusetts. Thank you for the great work that you do rescuing souls from darkness into light. It was a pleasure to finally meet you as I had been watching your ministry via YouTube. I came to NJ on Sunday, Nov 20 believing God for healing, and deliverance from spiritual afflictions like lack, rejection, stagnation, disappointment and generational curses among others. Here's my testimony:The pain in my ankle joints has seized. I am now able to move without pain (though my knees still bend); and have barely used my crutch since Tuesday. My insomnia, which I have had for almost a year is gone. I now sleep and wake up rested. And three people that I hadn't heard from in a long while, due to the rejection spirit, called me this week. Also, I called my Mum and asked her about witchcraft in my past or in the family. She told me that my Dad's grandmother (who passed away when I was 18 yrs. old) was a traditional healer. When she said that, I remembered her rubbing some herbs on my legs and taking me outside to walk on wet grass like 4:00am daily every time I spent my holidays with her. I don't know all the details of what she or others may have done on me. Also, I want to thank you for praying for my sister, Deborah, when I was on the prayer Line. She was given back her job as a Lecturer which she really enjoys. I thank God for answering the prayers you prayed. I know that God is faithful to do even more and more. I will keep pressing on...Yours Sincerely,  MaryAnn


Adrianna from Chicago,called our office in New Jersey and gave us this amazing testimony over the phone:“Tell Apostle John that he is someone who the Lord uses to restore lives, he restored my life and for that I will be forever grateful. He delivered me from the spirits of anger and rejection that have been with me my whole life. He saved my life. My heart belongs to him. I will be supporting this ministry monthly. If anyone deserves it, he does! I have been telling many people about your ministry and will be telling many more. I know that the Holy Spirit guided me to your Prayer Line. I cannot express in words how happy I am that I am delivered, it’s priceless!!! I plan to come back to your Prayer Line two times a year, every year just to check myself. I plan to stay blessed and not allow the enemy to damage my life again. I give thanks to Jesus for my deliverance and for using Apostle John and his Prayer line to bless my life so abundantly.With Christ’s love, Adrianna”


Dear Apostle John,I'm so happy for what the Lord has done in my life today! Even my friend said my eyes look happier! Jesus is so good to me; I'm excited to see the things that happen in my life now because of this deliverance from a spiritual husband. May God enrich you in every way- thank you for your papa heart toward me- even saying you want success for me.I know we spoke briefly, and when you are able, I am sincere in my desire to speak with you about mentoring. My desire is to be where God would have me to grow in my destiny under holy leadership.Most Sincerely,RoseMaryShalom & God Bless you


Michele's H. Testimony
Pastor Zavlaris, I have to give you my testimony. God has delivered me from anorexia, cancer, alcoholism, and much more. After watching this video, God convicted me of smoking cigarettes-although I have tried many, many times to quit, and have cut down considerably, I was stubbornly clinging to a few a day. I was so nervous I lit one up-a feeling of terror consumed me. I prayed to God that Jesus would deliver me, and asked that I fall ill if I try to smoke (nauseous). As I prayed, I broke the rest of the pack in half, spit up and dry heaved. I consider this to be a miracle, and I pray you continue your ministry of love and deliverance for many years to come. Praise God!By the way, I felt very strongly this morning that there was a false idol in my home. I was led to an African necklace (I buy trinkets at thrift shops as we have been quite poor in the past), which I threw away, as I was watching this video I looked down into my lap and realized I was wearing peace sign pajamas (they were quite comfy, but they went as well! Thank you Jesus!!