John Zavlaris Teaching Ministry

“If you are facing challenges that you cannot solve with human ability, then faith must speak. As you meditate on these words, may you find something that is related with your experience with Christ, and become encouraged and stronger in your walk with God.”


Patience is the Spiritual weapon in order to see your ministry flourish, just as I wait to see my small garden be fruitful. Remember, everything big starts from a small size . Luke 12:32


You can’t be called to serve the Lord and at the same time, proclaim that you rejoice in worldly habits. Romans 8:8


Our Heavenly Father did not call us to try, but to do.



When you don’t succumb to those who bother you, but pray for them instead, then you are someone with the character of Christ.


Before you try to change the life of others, first be sure that your own life has already been changed.
If you don’t believe me, see the Holy Bible. Matthew 7:5


If you believe you are a Christian who carries the Bible, which is the spring of Living Waters, my question is, Why are you still thirsty?



If God's Word does not come to strike all the roots of your problems, to shake you, then it’s impossible to see who you really are in Christ.
If you don’t believe me, ask the Samaritan Woman in John 4:17.


Don’t try to listen to the voice of God with your ears. God speaks through a pure and a clean heart.

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The level of your words determines your position before God. What you say, is what you are!!!
If your communication with me is not sincere, then it won’t be long before our relationship is destroyed.


Be careful opening doors of communication with others without first having God’s instruction.
Don’t believe others who tell you beautiful sounding, prophetic words or dreams, if they don’t come from the Holy Spirit.
You need the wisdom of God to know who to connect with, otherwise, in the end you may find that the enemy used that person to transfer negative into your life.
Too many have fallen after opening doors that should have never been opened.


When you are aggressive in speaking to others, check your heart because it is possible that you have lost the mercy and grace of God.


If you Worship the Lord without reformation of heart and life, that Worship can never be accepted before God.
You cannot offer what you don't possess.


It's a fact that when you hide things from your Pastor and avoid contact with him, something is wrong in your life. Don’t run from him, go to him.


The most effective and powerful word to use, in order to unlock your healing at the time of your prayer, is the word "Mercy".
Ask Bartimaeus and he's going to tell you. Mark 10:46-52


The problem is not how many viewers you have on your media pages, but if Jesus is watching your work. The Lord told me last year, “Do not focus on numbers.”


Only when your Testimony is the product of a Heavenly Touching, will the hearts of the people be blessed.
I Corinthians 2:1-5


Be careful making quick acquaintances on social media. Don’t be flattered with people’s sweet words.

When the Holy Spirit brings people in your life, those true relationships will grow by passing through tests and trials. That’s how you will see the real motives of people. 

Amos 3:3


Sometimes in our Churches, we worship and dance because Jesus is returning to the Earth soon, but our lives really look like He’s never coming back.


It comes to my attention that many visitors receive deliverance from demonic bondages, but when they return back to their religion, their Pastors reject them, and those people feel very embarrassed and discouraged. My humble opinion is that it is impossible for somebody to serve the Lord and reject His miracles. Jesus has a target to Anoint His people and remove the poverty mentality. Yet, some visitors who come to us need help because they didn’t receive it in their own churches and yet their pastors try to cover their own disability by rejecting the Anointing at work in our ministry.


It’s impossible for your life to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit and still be able to delete your brother from your heart when Christ has already passed away for him on the Cross of Calvary


When you enter into the presence of God for prayer, it means that you focus on what He will tell you and not what you want to hear.

Habakkuk 2:1


As Christians, according to Luke 10:19, Jesus tells us that the best position for demons to be, is under our feet and not in our bodies.
-Come over and discover the purpose of your life.


"We maintain our union with Jesus when we walk in our profession of faith"


If the Holy Bible is not the rudder of your life, it is impossible to know where you came from and where you must go.


Do not publicly correct an Elder because the smallest receives blessings from the biggest. Hebrews 7: 7


If you are rough and angry in your approach to God in prayer, then it will be very difficult to receive an answer to your request.


In order to be a minister of deliverance, you need a Divine Appointment with the Lord. Therefore, don’t push yourself into the battlefield with darkness because you won’t know how to pull yourself out unharmed. If you don’t believe me, ask the seven sons of Sceva and they will tell you. 


In order to receive a High Call, you need a Divine appointment with Jesus, as Paul did. Acts 26:16-20. Remember, from that moment, Jesus will dominate your life by His Spirit.


Trials and tribulations are the most useful tools in God’s hands to bring results in your life, and afterwards, you will experience how His Love, Mercy and Favor endure forever.


Purify your life, in order to be "IN CHRIST" because lukewarm Christians shall lose their positions and backsliders shall be returning to the Lord with tears.


When friends say that they love you, but are really only looking for benefits and results from you, then bless them and run away from them. They are not true friends.


A ‘Christian’ means I glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with my life. He must become greater; I must become less. John3:30


If you are not dominated by fear, anxiety and insecurity, then you know that you are free.


A true leader of God cannot speak with knowledge about the Anointing of God if they never experienced miracles, signs and wonders in their ministry, because their followers will say, “Why don’t you do what Jesus did?” and that will make them uncomfortable.


Be informed that the cage that religion puts you in has already been opened over 2,000 years ago by the Holy Spirit and still remains open today, unless you want to stay there, that’s your personal choice, but not the will of God.


If you see that God has separated you from others for awhile, its because He has something important for you. Look at the Heroes of the Holy Bible and see how they all spent time in the wilderness. As Christians, you must learn that the desert is the place God uses to prepare you for a victorious future. The one condition is, you cannot go by yourself, someone must bring you there. Matt 4:1


You can never be a source of inspiration to others if God’s Spirit does not dominate your life.


The loneliness of my life turned out to be a blessing, because it brought me into a deeper relationship with Jesus.


You won't be able to move your life to another level of spirituality if your pastor is in hibernation.


Whatever God arranges for you is coming with power in your life. Satan has no authority upon you, his plan is nothing.


Jesus does not work with appointments for His children, He accepts them anytime, just as they are.


It is impossible for a man who has Covenant with God to ever be a betrayer or deceiver, and even if he falls, it will not be repeatedly.


If you find yourself without enough power to expose your weaknesses, then you have pride.


You must honor the presence of God upon the leaders of God who pray for you and then comes the Anointing to meet your needs. When you come to Jesus with faith, borne from the Holy Spirit, then you receive.


I wish a blessed New Year to all precious people of the Living God, but Christians need to be careful not to deny the blessings that can only come through experiences of rejection, trials and persecution, in order to fulfill the purpose of their destination. If you don’t pass through the Narrow Gate, you cannot enter the Promised Land.


The level of your words when you are critical and use obscene language determines the position you have in the kingdom of darkness. With that behavior you can never be a messenger of the truth.


Do not pay attention to those who guide you through prophetic words and revelations when they themselves cannot solve their own problems.
Only those with a pure heart and a clean mouth represent God.


For those who “Delete” you, pray and avoid speaking any negative words against them, because those who were your friends before are people with weaknesses, unable to manage their crisis.


In Christ Jesus, no Leader Is irreplaceable.


Prophecies without borders have to be eliminated from the Christian Churches. My opinion: When your house is flooded, first turn off the pipe where the water is coming from, then start taking the water out.


Let our ears hear the voice of God and not listen to gossip and whispering. We need a New Touching (connection) with Heaven in 2019.


Those who stay in religious Churches are like those who try to make bread in a cold oven.


If as a Christian, you find that after your wedding day your marriage is not moving well, don't cast out your husband or wife and keep the demons, come to our Prayer Line and we will pray together and Jesus will remove that demonic influence, who is the source of your problem, then you will rejoice with your mate.


Dear Leader of the Gospel, When you baptize someone in the water who is not ready yet, it's like you're burying someone in the grave who's still alive.


When you’re facing uncommon challenges and see that your love for Christ is growing stronger, then you know you’re on the right path destined for your life.


A real servant of God is someone who does not worry when trials, tribulations and attacks come, but one who worries when there’s only cool runnings in his life.


When you do not find a solution to your problem, it may be that your life has been disconnected from God.


The answer to your prayers comes when you are in harmony with God.


When difficult times come in your Christian life, the ones who stay with you are your genuine friends.


The only lasting friendships are those united by the Spirit of God and their purpose is to glorify the name of Christ in our Christian path. The other relationships, that are of the flesh and based on materialistic things, will not endure the test of time.


When you have a friend, receive the best of them, the rest pray about, otherwise, by exposing the negative satan already has legal rights upon you.


Prayer & reading the Bible are a dialogue with the Living Jesus. Those who don't practice this are just religious.

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It's impossible to be a leader of God and compromise with anything contrary to the Word of God.

There is no neutral situation, or neutral road in the Lord. Therefore keep running the straight race through God’s Grace
In order to keep yourself under His presence, you must learn that a humble person is someone who depends on God for everything, knowing that He will justify you, support you and protect you.
For every battle that you are victorious with the Lord, you reach another level of Ability, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Stay Blessed in His presence
You can’t wake up one morning and say to yourself, “I will go to the desert to be tested.” Someone must lead you there, as was done with Jesus in the book of Matthew chapter four.

If you spend your hours with your pastor you will become a copy of him, but if you spend your time in the Word of God, then you will become one with the Lord and His Word shall speak to you in your heart all the time. Psalm 16:8
Because of the challenges ahead, it is time to transform your life from a worrier to a warrior
God’s vision for you is to make you a believer with a difference and not a copy of somebody else. What God has for you is unique, the time that He will give it to you is unique and the way He will give it to you is also unique.
Unless the love of Christ dominates in your heart, it is impossible for your body to become a temple of the Holy Spirit.

When you find yourself in a Church that missing signs, wonders and Miracles, it means your Pastor is under Spiritual hibernation
The anxiety and insecurity you’re facing are supposed to be on the outside. If they are working inside you, then it becomes a problem you must act upon
As long as Christ’s love exists, violence will never become a tool of change
Beware of those who criticize, without the authority of Christ, any leader in the Church of Christ, any authority or government ruler. These people bitterly express their views that do not come from the Spirit of God. Pray before you make friends because that kind of negative information gives food for wicked thinking.
Our weaknesses are a product of sin. If we don’t destroy them, then they will destroy others
You’ll never be a genuine Christian, without first passing through the trials of rejection and persecution, as it happened to Jesus.
”John 15:20”
The man of God cannot accept what the flesh says, because the Word of God, dominates his life
When a person is interested to know more about your past than your future, run away, because his motives are not genuine
You know you are born again when everything becomes different. (thoughts, ideas, decisions, etc.)
When you know where you belong, no matter what obstacles and challenges you face in your life, you must stay focused on your destination
The real servants of Healing and Deliverance ministries are ordained by God, before they were even formed in their mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:5.
The others are simply questionable.
If the Lord does not take you out of the world, it is impossible for you to come out alone and unscathed.